Project Description

First, let me tell you about U.S. Military Maintenance

US Military Maintenance is a professional Maintenance company that focuses on employing US veterans and paying them good wages. Our veterans have years of experience in keeping everything “Inspection Ready” in the US Military. Now, they are providing this expertise to the Contractors, Facility Managers, and Commercial and Residential Property Managers that require and expect superior services.

US Military Maintenance encourages all Businesses in the United States to participate in Honoring our US Veterans for their immense valor in protecting our nation. When companies contract with US Military Maintenance, they participate in Thanking our Veterans for their innumerable sacrifices, made on behalf of us all.

Join us in giving our US veterans the Thank You that is most helpful. With your act of gratitude, we can employ more US veterans and enable them to provide for themselves and their families.


About me:

My name is Anthony

I love to fish, hike, grow organic vegetables and fruits indulge
in movie marathons and explore the 
great outdoors with my

One more hobby worth mentioning is advocating for my fellow veterans.

When I see the dignity and validation returned to vets that I help, that warm
fuzzy feeling in my heart is all the thanks I need.

I am compelled to assist my brothers and sisters at arms, to get the benefits they deserve. I do this because I was helped by someone doing the same.

I served in the Gulf War and this duty has been a significant shift in my life.

They say that life is a continuous learning process and the
time we have on this earth should be 
the most valuable asset we


As I age, I am realizing this more and more.

Lastly, as long as my body allows me;
I will never cease to extend my 
services to all who need me.