Project Description

My name is Toby Trexler. I am a veteran of the US Air Force looking to open my own archery shop. Currently I work for Gander Mountain as a firearms supervisor and archery tech. Unfortunately my store will be closing soon and we will all be out of jobs. The local area does not have much in the way of Archery techs or shops. I have decided to take a big leap and open a shop to fill that need with the full support of my wife and 3 kids. the liquidation of our store I work at I was able to secure much need archery equipment at a good price. I am applying for a small business loan to acquire the building i need and the owner is willing to let me rent the building until all the bank stuff is done, but I don't have the money to get started. I need to convert part of the building into an indoor archery range and the other part to a bow maintenance and retail area. All donations will go into getting the bulding ready to open. Donations of any amount to aid me in the start up of my new business will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Toby Trexler