Project Description

As a Marine I learned and lived the highest of work ethic and drive for success.  As a newly retired Marine that focus has intensified.  As I've looked around my comunity, complaning that there's never anyting to do, I've come to the realization that nothing changes without a plan and flawless execution.  Who better to plan and execute than a Marine!

My plan consists of four phases.  First will be a virtual reality gaming network consisiting of between 6 and 8 systems with varying capabilities.  These will range from escape rooms to first person shooters, from rollercoasters to race car driving, from sky diving to floating in space.  The virtual world holds endless oportunities limitted only by the imagination.

Second, I'll incorporate an e-gamer arena platform.  Customers will compete on stage for bragging rights, prizes and potentially sponsorship on the national stage.

Third, we'll bring in a drop feature through a cyber cafe.  Customers will either bring in their own systems or rent ours to play online games, do their homework, conduct research, submit job applications or search for a new home.  We'll offer printing, scanning, copying and fax capability.

Lastly, we'll tie gamers together with "Misadventurers Guild", an area designated for board games, RPGs, or card style games.  By providing a gathering location for like minded gamers and integrating them with the electronic gamers, a strong social bond will be formed.

This enviroment will be conducive to team building, socialization and, as a tertiary affect, provide an alternative to hazardous behavior such as drugs and alcohol abuse.  The benifits of this endeavor are limitless; from proding entertainment services to local employment opportunities for local students and transitioning veterans, from keeping grades up to keeping drugs off the streets. 

I am very passionate about growing and supporting my community and this will be the perfect opportunity to do so.  Semper Fi