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Over 100 Veterans pass each month in the State of Indiana alone, less than 5% of those who pass receive Live Taps and instead have an MP3 recording of Taps played through a "Ceremonial Bugle" or, worse yet,  have a CD of Taps hidden behind a grave stone.  These recordings are of good quality but have a tendency to fail due to batteries or extreme weather whereas Live Taps is played from the heart. Those of us who sound Live Taps refer to the use of recorded Taps as "Stolen Dignity."

DOD Directive 1300.15, section 4, paragraph 4.6 states "A bugler, either military or civilian, is preferred for the sounding of "Taps."
Bugler support may be contracted or voluntary. The Military Service responsible for providing Military Funeral Honors shall ensure there is an active search for a bugler. If none is available, the Service Representative may authorize the playing of a high quality recording of "Taps" and shall ensure that it is available. In general, whereas a bugler sounds "Taps" in a prominent position, sound systems should be out of sight of the funeral party."

This video shows happens when the "Ceremonial Bugle" fails, imagine if this were for your loved one or friend. Notice that the "bugler" is standing behind a tree with the "ceremonial bugle" facing away from the individual being laid to rest.  

As a Veteran I have witnessed these recordings fail and have seen the look of sadness and anger on the families faces.  The US Military only has approximately 200 buglers world wide, not enough to cover every state and there are those of us who are willing, and able to sound the honor on a regular basis but have to take time from work, usually without pay, to ensure proper honors are given.  

The video on this project (direct link 

)  is my story as presented by WTHR News in Indianapolis on Veterans Day 2014 explaining why this is so important to me and many other buglers in our area and is just one of the typse of services I provide other than live Taps at the internment of our Heroes .  Our Friday night Taps on the Square, highlighted in the video, just completed it's 213th consecutive week of Honoring our Hero's on Jan. 27, 2017.

My services are FREE OF CHARGE to the families of our Heroes, as it should be. Our Veterans and Public Servants have already paid the price with their service and sacrifice.   My goal is to one day be able to donate my full time making sure our Veterans and Public Servants receive the honors they deserve with LIVE TAPS. If this is a succcessful campaign I am going to attempt to put together an statewide organization of buglers offering FREE TAPS to all who have served so the digital (MP3) bugles and recordings will not be required as often. Will you help by donating  towards that endeavor?


Live Taps before Recorded Taps

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