Project Description

Our organization is Project Black Stone. We are a start-up nonprofit organization based in Colorado Springs, CO. Our mission is to help Veterans in need to obtain their benefits, resources, empowerment, and to help them become employable as well as employ veterans. For the many years we’ve been helping veterans, we have been striving to provide our veteran brothers and sisters with the best quality service possible for veterans to gain their full independence. And they’ve shown their appreciation by coming back to us repeatedly. We continue to strive to be the one stop shop facility for all your benefits and entitlements needs. For most veterans, filing for their benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs is not fun or convenient. So, we want make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. Being a veteran owned and ran company, we genuinely care about your needs and your unique individual situation, and it shows. Our first-time clients continually become our long term clients time and time again, choosing us for all their benefits needs. We are currently seeking funding for expansion/office leasing & equipment. We feel the more prepared we are, the more veterans we can help in hopes of reducing the 22 suicides a day committed by veterans being denied for what they've rightfully fought for.

Our pledge:
At $10,000 - We will share with you, true testimonials from real heroes.

At $20,000 - We will share with you, 20 heros who's lives we've changed with real photo evidence.

At $30,000 We will take you on a real walk through video of one lucky veteran whose life we change.

At $40,000 We will share with you a special video of our staffs' background, why & how they are an asset to the company's overall mission and success.

At $50,000 We will thank all of those who supported us on gofundme, place your names on our wall, and send everyone a company T-Shirt or hoodie. And it will all be shared on a live video stream!