Project Description

Who we are and what we do:

Deployment Supply Box is a veteran owned and operated Subscription Box Company. After 4 deployments to Afghanistan, with more on the way, we saw that there was a problem that needed a solution. That problem: sending a care package to deployed troops was difficult, and more expensive than it should be. Also, some military members didn’t have family back home or their family could not afford to send care packages with the supplies they needed to make deployment bearable. This is how Deployment Supply Box started; on a dream to streamline the care package process, so both our families, and our troops, can have the supplies they need on a frequent monthly schedule. To accomplish this we set up a user-friendly system that our families back home can use without ever leaving their house. The process is simple: go to our website and pick which level of supplies you would like to send your loved one, choose if you would like to sign up for a monthly subscription or a one time box, then proceed too checkout! That’s it! We handle all the logistics from selecting what supplies are currently needed downrange, all the way through the USPS custom forms and tracking the package to make sure it arrives. That’s not all though, to ensure we are supporting the veteran community, we decided that we were going to put products from veteran owned businesses in to our boxes. The veteran community benefits from this in a few ways:

  • First, our deployed troops our getting quality supplies.
  • Second, we’re raising awareness to veteran owned business. If we’re going to spend our money on something, why not buy from our veteran brothers and sisters!
  • Third, veteran owned companies give back to the military community by donating a portion of their profits to various different military charities. We buy from several different veteran ran companies that do this. When you buy one box from us, you’re supporting multiple different charities at the same time.

On top of that, we donate a portion of our profits to send free care packages to deployed troops that are less fortunate. Our goal is to get a care package to every single member who is on a deployment, but we need your help!  Please consider donating today.        


What your donations will go towards:

The company is in the startup phase and we need capital to get off the ground. So far we have donated 30 boxes to our heroes overseas, and we have had a few people buy a monthly subscription to our service. Your kind donations will go towards:

  1. Sending free care packages to less fortunate military members whose families don’t have the means to send supplies.


  1. Spreading the word so the families that have loved ones deployed will know about our service through marketing.


  1. Getting the company fully set up and running.


  1. Allowing us to get out to trade shows so we can spread our message to others.


  1. Buying supplies for the boxes and setting up a small ship center to help facilitate our goal.  


None of the donations will go towards salaries or personal gain. All the donations will be used to help get our company off the ground and most importantly, help the heroes who defend our freedom relentlessly day in and day out. Thank you!


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