Project Description

Greetings to all! I'm a Gulf War era US Army 11 Bravo Infantry Scout Sniper. I was in service from November 1986 to January 1992Total active duty was 3+ years. I did not see combat, I was injured a bunch and got shots and have mild PTSD from service time. 

I have been independent for a long time, put myself into college, became an independent journalist and then a farmer. I Raised my son as a single father and I put myself back into school. This time around I'm an indy film producer and author to be. 

in 2017 I had serious business endeavors and partners flaked. I was left back hard labor in Colorado and was homeless. I left the state to work on the road in West Coast and I had vehicle problems come up. one thing after the other I have been fixing and surviving. I took advantage of friends offer to go to Hawaii for RR and I stayed there until May 2018. I ended up doing disaster relief networking in MAy as the Volcano started to destroy communities and I returned to Mainland USA to get back on track with film projects. 

In May I had a suspension failure and I parked the vehicle to return 3 weeks later to fix whole right suspension. I took a test drive and in need of passing smog, I return back after a 150-mile journey that started to show Transmission failure building. The truck is at a friends house in San Leandro, South of Oakland and I do not live in California. I have to work farm jobs to make $20 hr so I can fix this truck and meanwhile I'm constantly delayed on my real work with films that others depend on me to do so I can bring financing. I'm on thin lines and I have tried to find affordable mechanics but its hard.. Understand parts are important and if I had a place I would do the work with some guidance. I use to drive tracks and humvee's and did a lot of maintenance. 

Its tiring that Veterans are forgotten as many of us are doing our best to work and succeed, we have had to go thru years of healing and even at my age all I need is the boost to reach my goals but things like the badass truck I built is now falling apart. 

I see millions of dollars to help all kinds of people but Veterans it seems there's a pride that it's hard to ask or hard to get help. I help a lot of people emotionally and have taken women out of serious drug habits and reunited with their children and helped civilians to keep their heads high. I still have mine up high but seriously we need motorpool access for veterans to help each other. 

I served as a 16 yr old in ROTC to joining the enlisted ranks at 18 and until I was 22. I help and work towards supporting veterans even in my involvement in the film industry. I'm part of an organization that's called Veterans in Media and Entertainment. I'm not based in LA. One of the reasons is the high cost of living and at my age, I'm avoiding the 10-year hike to get things done in Hollywood. So I have to be on the road doing what I know. My truck or vehicle is important for me to accomplish,

I found this site and will promote it and hope people are more attentive to help a veteran. I need to fix or replace my transmission now which will cost up to $1500. I have been working for 2 years to get tires but my $$ finances have been a priority to pay storage, insurance, phone and bills and I can seem to catch up. Its constantly limiting me due to vehicle problems since 2017. 

I need new tires and then I need timing belt, which I already got a kit but need $400 for and then fix my whole back end which is tailgate and back cab window when I backed into a redwood tree and final would be some back shocks. I do have a blown head but using sealant to keep that at bay. My truck is at 264 k miles but still a tough unit and if I were to sell it I need to get it running enough to do so so it would be worth 10k

So if you can help a veteran out today with $, discount auto parts deals, know people in Northern California or Oregon. A garage to work out of, etc. Please let me know. I'm trying not to lose everything, as homelessness is rampage and I'm a very productive person and just need to get back to my work. This truck is taking my energy away. 

my websites are:

I'm writing a book about how to make your dreams come true. 

I also write stories about veterans and I have a short film I made in 2014 about Veterans fighting the corporate agriculture takeover


Need transmission work, engine work, Transmission $1500, parts and service, Timing belt $400 service, have parts, Tires $1000, Shocks $100, Engine work- head gasket repair $500, Window and back cab repair-$1000, Electric $500.