How It Works

Veterans, their spouses and children can create and personalize their campaigns to fit the visual identity of their brands and grow their campaigns through social network sharing with friends, family members and former associates. The site allow users to provide donors and subscribers with updates on the process of their campaigns and the latest information about their respective ventures. Setup is easy and users can see real-time, immediate results! Start your campaign today by clicking on Raise Money Now.


Create your crowdfunding campaign whether you need seed money to start and sustain a successful event, franchise or business Help Fund A Veteran is specifically set up for you to create your campaign and by doing that you are able to clearly share the story behind the fundraising project and why it is important. The campaign page allows you to provide a graphic or video along with your content. You can also provide updates on your journey as the campaign progresses.


Smoothly receive donations Help Fund A Veteran allows you to securely receive your money on the site by requesting a bank transfer from your donors. While you are invited to set a goal for your crowdfunding campaign, there is no goal requirement so funds are made readily available once a donation is made.


Watch your campaign grow and benefit from the results as supporters make donations toward your campaign, you will be able to make revisions to the project, provide updates on the progress and steward your donors through personalized messages to them. By engaging those who support your fundraising campaign, you demonstrate that you are both committed to the success of your project and that you value their contributions and participation in making it a success.