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The Art Of Marketing To The Crowd


If you subscribe to the notion of ‘build it and they will come’ when it comes to building and marketing your campaign, that would be considered an EPIC mistake.


The success of your campaign and having the ‘crowd’ get behind your business goals is predicated on the effort and preparation invested. Now, while there hundreds of action items to consider when marketing and launching a campaign, however, we encourage you to consider putting to action these tactics below.


1) A good starting point is to ask yourself these 3 questions:


·      What inspired you to serve in the military?


·      What is the purpose in launching your business?


·      How will you get your customers to become your very own brand fanatics?


 Simon Sinek, delivered a very powerful TED talk, find it, below.


2) Consider these questions:

 What are key characteristics (demographics and interests) of

 your target audience?


·      How much research do you need to invest learning about them?


·      Which mediums will be most effective in reaching your target


 audience? (Social media, blogs, radio, TV, phone book, etc.)


·      What actions need to be taken to reach your audience? (Content

 creation, networking and relationships, phone-calls, etc.)


3) Consider these 3 suggestions:


·      Create a powerful 'About You' video for Help Fund a Veteran.

 (This can also be utilized on your website too). This video MUST

 capture your background, problem aiming to be solved, and your

 call to action.


·      Take high quality pictures of your product or service being



·      Create a content calendar that will record exactly what you plan

 on marketing and when to publish.


4) Consider adopting these marketing strategies in your campaign:


·      Friends & Family - Invite your circle of friends and family to

 check out your campaign page on HFAVET. They have the

 potential to be your biggest support. Encourage them to share

 your campaign on their social media sites and to pledge a

 generous amount to your vision.


·      Colleagues - Chances are, many of your co-workers are

 cheering you on and are more than happy to spread the word or

 even pledge money from their own pockets.


·      Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn,

 Google+, Pinterest, and Snapchat can be very powerful tools to

 help elevate your marketing campaigns at a very low cost.

 You don't have to be active on every single social media network.

 Try starting with 2-3 platforms and really being creative and

 consistent in posting content. While it is free to utilize these

 platforms, consider investing in targeted ads, which will help

 expose your business message to people who can help support

 your vision. Aim to create and post content daily.

 Encourage your followers to join your journey and engage with

 your posts.


·      PR (Public Relations) - Capturing the attention of local,

 regional and national media outlets can be a very powerful

 strategy to increase awareness of your campaign. Consider

 reaching out to your local news station and present your press

 release packet to them.


·      Bloggers - It is important to build relationships with influential

 bloggers that have an audience that may relate to your brand.

 Consider reaching out to bloggers via introductions from friends.

 Don't be selfish and just ask to get publicity, rather, take a

 different approach and see if there is anything you can do to

 support the blogger.


·      Email - Build your email list early in your campaign and do it

 quickly! Consider pre-scripting your emails when your campaign

 goes live to provide your supporters information in order to save

 valuable time. Email providers such as offers

 great tools for free.


·      Analytics - Measuring where your traffic is coming from is

 important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your

 marketing campaign.

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